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Masterclass: Gaining Market and Customer Insights through In-depth Interviews

A critical role of product managers and product marketing managers is to understand their market and their customers.


An important method for understanding customer problems can be in-depth interviews with buyers, potential buyers, or other market experts. Interviewing people effectively is a skill that takes practice, and extrapolating the key takeaways from the interviews should follow a defined process, to ensure efficiency and actionable next steps.


Chad Eckes has taught a six part masterclass on this topic for Pragmatic Institute™, stepping through an actual research project, highlighting tools and processes employed, and sharing the resulting deliverables.  The videos and files below make up the masterclass, and are being made available to anyone who wants to learn a methodology for performing effective in-depth interviews. 

Part One: Define Scope, SCQH & Issue Tree
Part Two: Describe Personas
PartThree: Create Interview Guide & Recruit Participants
Part Four: Conduct Interviews
Recorded Interview Example 1
00:00 / 11:53
Recorded Interview Example 2
00:00 / 11:29
Part Five: Analyze Transcripts, Identify Themes, & Create Affinity Diagram
Part Six: Develop Report
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